The art of creating a meaningful memorial goes through a process of various steps. Starting from the initial discussions with you the client right up to the final setting of the monument in the desired location. In the photos that follow, you will get a feel for the attention to detail that we put into every memorial that we craft.

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1. The process usually begins with the initial meeting with you, the client. We try to gather some information pertaining to what you like as far as type, style, color, ornament, text and how this memorial can tell something about a person.

2. A design concept is developed using this information, and presented to you for your consideration.

3. Material is ordered, and exact detailed drawings are prepared by hand or on computer.

4. Stock arrives at our facility and is unloaded and readied for the actual carving in our shop.

5. A stencil is prepared using the full size detail created in drafting.

6. Different textures are placed on the memorial.

7. Flowers or other ornaments are carved by hand into the stone.

8. Final details and lettering are prepared.

9. Design is carved into stone by precision sand blasting.

10. Certain details are finalized by hand.

11. The memorial is cleaned and inspected.

12. The finished piece is loaded onto the crane-mounted truck for delivery to the site for setting.

13. The memorial is off-loaded at site and is readied for assembly on a concrete foundation.

14. The memorial is erected.

15. One last final check and installation is complete.

Assorted shots of the crew in action.
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